Glamorous Garden Accessories


glamorous garden

While garden accessories can be quite cute, hoses are generally just hideous. Beyond utilitarian, they snake through your lovely flowerbeds, trying to blend in and failing miserably. They are eyesores hanging on the side of your house. But no more. Now your garden hoses and hose hangers (ugh, what a name for something) can be as glamorous — dare I say even bling — as your garden. There are hoses in pink and teal for the girly cottage garden, while black, white and even gold dress up your formal boxwood formations. And forget hanging those on some ordinary hose real (as if). Only golden antlers are good enough for these lovelies.

Sure, you have to order them from Britain, but that just lends added authenticity to your English roses. Your garden is special (so special). Shouldn’t your hose be as well?

Hoses, wall mounts and nozzles available from Garden Glory. And yes, the new house absolutely needs a pink hose.

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