"Go for the Gold" Free Games Printables


Tinyme, an Aussie-based stationery company (with a U.S. office) has designed an adorable range of printable games which are a super fun way to get into the spirit of the upcoming Olympic games! With over 20 pages of activities, check out below the selection of personalized medals, opening ceremony bingo, playing cards and more.  All free and fun, fun, fun!

  • Personalized Medal Tally 1 of 9
    Personalized Medal Tally
    Keep track of your favorite country's medal count with a personalized medal tally.
    Get the printable here.
  • Personalized Gold Medal 2 of 9
    Personalized Gold Medal
    Everyone deserves a gold medal!
    Get the printable here.
  • Personalized Silver Medal 3 of 9
    Personalized Silver Medal
    A silver medal for 2nd place!
    Get the printable here.
  • Personalized Bronze Medal 4 of 9
    Personalized Bronze Medal
    Bronze is best!
    Get the printable here.
  • Flag Playing Cards 5 of 9
    Flag Playing Cards
    A fun flag playing card set.
    Get the printable here.
  • Opening Ceremony Bingo 6 of 9
    Opening Ceremony Bingo
    Play some bingo during the opening ceremonies!
    Get the printable here.
  • image-455 7 of 9
    A fun little board game seeking out the gold!
    Get the printable here.
  • Flag Activities 8 of 9
    Flag Activities
    Print and create your own flags to wave!
    Get the printable here.
  • More Flag Activities 9 of 9
    More Flag Activities
    Can you match the flags with their countries?
    Get the printable here.

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