Google Offers, Groupon or Living Social: Who Will Win the Discount War?


You better get ready Groupon and Living Social, there is a new player in town ready to try to win the discount wars and it’s a big powerful contender. It’s just been reveled that Google will be entering the exclusive discount market with their Google Offers.

So what will Google Offers be? 

Mashable reported that it will be a “new product to help potential customers and clientele find great deals in their area through a daily email.” Yup, sounds a lot like Groupon and Living Social. And Groupon made an interesting move recently. They reportedly said no to a $6 Billion dollar offer from Google. And instead of just dropping the idea of adding that kind of concept to their services, they just decided to make their own. And they have the resources to do it and probably do it well.

But do you think there are just too many of these companies popping up making these “specials” a little less, well, special?