Gorgeous Eco-Friendly Jewelry


If you’re looking for quality, affordable jewelry that’s both well crafted and unique, there’s really only one source: Etsy.

And jewelry is quite a competitive genre in the Etsy community — even extending up to fancy engagement rings (with engagement ring prices). But I believe I found one of the very best Etsy jewelry shops that stands apart from the rest:

The Etsy shop Lemonade Handmade features beautifully crafted jewelry — from rings to earrings. Prices range from under $35 to over $500, with most hovering around the $50 mark.

My favorite feature of Lemonade Handmade is that everything is made from reclaimed metal (even the silver and 14K gold), and that each piece is handmade with eco-friendly metalsmithing.

Shop Lemonade Handmade.