Gorgeous New Home Decor From Poketo!


I love Poketo. I mean, love love it. It’s a modern and hip store with such clean and unique designs. What’s not to love? They just added some amazing new home decor items to spruce up your place. We could all use a little more home decor, right? Here are my top picks from Poketo’s newest home decor lines. It was hard to narrow it down, everything from Poketo is amazing! Check them out. You’ll fall in love too.

  • Home Decor From Poketo 1 of 6

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  • Pretty Pan 2 of 6
    poketo 04

    Has there ever been a prettier pan? I think not.

    Get it here for $78 from Poketo

  • Mini Baskets 3 of 6
    poketo 01

    I don't know which color I love more. The two of them together, they're a perfect pair. 

    Get them here for $18 from Poketo

  • Blankets 4 of 6
    poketo 02

    The rainbow striped one, it has to be mine! But really, I would take either. The perfect picnic blankets! 

    Get them here for $58 from Poketo

  • Coaster To Coaster 5 of 6
    poketo 03

    How clever are these coasters? I'm obsessed with them! 

    Get them here for $36 from Poketo

  • Utensils 6 of 6
    poketo 05

    Can you just imagine a dinner table set with these utensils? So gorgeous! They have to be mine. 

    Get them here for $18 from Poketo

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