Groupon Fever! How Oprahs Favorite Things & Nordstrom Rack Made Shoppers REALLY Happy


If people weren’t members of Groupon yet…they will be now! On Friday there was not one but TWO big Groupon deals that made people flock to the site. What were they?

First there is the amazing Nordstom Rack gift certificate deal where you can get a $50 credit for just $25, making everything at the discount designer store half off. You can get the deets of that deal right here.

Then Oprah featured a Kiva gift card courtesy of Groupon as part of her legendary Oprah’s Favorite Things episode. A very smart move on Groupon’s part!   And if you’re interested in seeing all the things on Oprah’s list this year, you can check that out here.

Every day Groupon offers great regional and sometime national deals, and they are getting avid fans all the time, and now they can count Oprah amongst them. Not too bad.

But there is one draw back of becoming incredibly popular really quick, your site crashes! Since each both the Nordstom’s Rack deal and Oprah’s Favorite Things both debuted today, the site has been totally overwhelmed by request. But be patience, keep trying back and you’ll get in sooner than later. And trust me, it’s worth it.

Membership is free! Click here to join!

You can find out more about Groupon here in our 5 Things About Groupon piece.

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