Groupon Gives Big Deal on Redbox Movies!


If you thought renting Redbox movies for $1 was a good deal, wait until you see what Groupon is offering right now. Movie lovers, thrifty shoppers and anyone with four quarters, read ahead. You don’t want to miss out on this:

For the next two days, Groupon is offering a great deal: Pay $1 for three Redbox DVD rentals. That’s a 67% discount on an already insanely low price. Over 67,000 people have already cashed in on this deal, so hurry before the deal runs out!

Here’s the deal: The Redbox Groupon coupon expires on March 10, 2011 (so you don’t have to run out right now and use it), and it’s valid at nearly 25,000 Redbox kiosks offering up to 200 new releases.

Find out more about this Groupon Redbox deal at

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