Hair Gel for Babies?


When did you start styling your kids’ hair with gel and serum? Apparently there’s an entire market for it, and I had no clue.

Hot Tot recently crossed my desk in a Bluum package, and my first thought was really? I just assumed that salon-quality styling products for kids were reserved for toddlers in tiaras or hipster parents faux-hawking their baby boy’s hair.

Yet then I checked out their Web site and realized that some kids — with curly, wild, unruly hair — might need a little something for taming and smoothing. Something that makes french braids and curly tops more manageable. And if you’ve been dabbing a little of your own hair mousse into your toddler’s hair, know that there’s something safer out there.

Hot Tot products — created by a mom and inspired by her experience — are all made with safe, organic, naturally sourced ingredients, free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde, and a slew of other commonly found chemicals. The products are also safe for a child’s sensitive scalp (including those with cradle cap, eczema and allergies).

So if you’re dying to find a good structure whip or finishing mist, check out Hot Tots. What do you think: Useful or Weird?