Halloween Costume: Toddler Race Car Jumpsuit


When I asked my three-year-old son, JD, what he wanted to be for Halloween this year, he didn’t skip a beat. “A race car driver, Vrooom, Vrooom!” Yeah, he actually said “Vrooom, Vrooom!”

As I’ve mentioned before here on Family Style my little guy is obsessed with Matchbox cars and especially the Disney movie, Cars. He loves, McQueen, Mater and Doc Hudson — and usually sleeps with the figurines at night. That said, I was not surprised, he told me he wanted to be a race car driver. Well, now I needed to find  a toddler race car driver jumpsuit. A quick internet search revealed many! I chose this one…

It’s Soooooo cute!

Speedway Superstar Race Car Driver costume is fashioned like a signature Nascar zippered jumpsuit — red, white and blue and stamped with bright sponsor logos. The matching cap features a red race car (like McQueen) and checkered flags. My son is definitely winning the race in this cool costume!

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What are your kids being for Halloween?

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