Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family: Custom Superhero Capes!


Running out of Halloween ideas? Don’t worry, they’re in big supply here! Our latest fixation is these fantastic capes for the whole family. They’re easy, they’re fun, and they’re guaranteed to be a hit with little and big kids alike! And as with so many of the Halloween costumes we’ve come across, they’ll find a happy home in the dress-up bin after October 31. Keep reading to see more of our favorites.

You know what I love most about these capes? They’re warm as well as clever and cute. Because those Halloween nights can get chilly, and it helps to have a costume that you can layer to prevent shivering trick-or-treaters!

These capes are made by Etsy seller Pip and Bean, and you can customize the designs to fit any requirements!

Shopping Guide: Family Cape Set ($145), Kids Cape 2-Pack ($55), Dinosaur Cape ($30).

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