Halloween Ideas using Scrapbooking Supplies


Halloween is 19 days away and counting, and it’s definitely time to put your crafty witch hat on! Scrapbooking stores are a great source for Halloween ideas; these Halloween crafts require only a pack of easy-to use rub-on transfers and old glassware from a thrift shop or around the house. Keep reading for more pictures and the how-to!

This project is terrific for older kids, or for little ones with an adult supervisor. To apply the rub-on transfers to glass, just follow the package instructions. Spell out spooky words or affix fun pictures to the surface.

To make the transfers permanent, spritz some spray adhesive over them. We don’t recommend using these pieces to serve food or drink once you craft them, but they make a terrific Halloween display!

Photo Credits: The City Sage Shopping Guide: Pumpkin transfers ($3.99), Halloween Word Transfers ($3.99)