Hand-drawn Portraits of Your Child


graphite childrens portait Megan Winchell PeterI’m assuming that at some point you’ve hired a photographer or photo studio to take pictures of your adorable offspring. But have you ever had their picture drawn? As in pencil to paper original artwork?

I’ve only done it once. On the spur of the moment in Central Park, I had a portrait of 2-year-old Maude drawn by an exceptionally good street artist. But the paper was the opposite of archival. It yellowed and disintegrated within a couple of years.

If you’re interested in something more long-lasting than a 20-minute drawing in the park, take a look at the portfolio of Megan Winchell Peter. She specializes in drawing portraits of children. Grayscale graphite drawings made with the simplest of tools. And from what I can tell, she’s really good.

See more of Megan’s work when you click through.

graphite childrens portrait Megan Winchell Petergraphite childrens portrait Megan Winchell Peter

What is it about having a drawing or painting made that seems so much more special than a photo? Is it the one-of-a-kind-ness? Is this something you would be interested in? Or do you prefer photography only?

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