Hand Turkeys Personalize Thanksgiving Mugs and Dishes


One of the most popular Thanksgiving craft projects for little ones is the classic hand turkey. You know, the one where kids trace their hands and then draw in the turkey’s details. What makes this such a popular and touching craft during the holidays is the magic and innocence surrounding it.

Happiest Days Designs on Etsy has taken this idea and placed it on plates, mugs and dessert platters. Although the hands are not personalized, the names are. When purchasing, be sure to include all the names you would like included as well as any special dates. You can request a digital proof to be sent prior to firing the dishes.

I think this is a fun and clever way to record the things your children are thankful for, year after year. Can you imagine having sets of these from Thanksgivings gone by? I don’t know if I would rather preserve them or use them!

Prices range from $35.00-$99.00 depending on which dishes you opt for. To check out more of their designs or to purchase, click here.

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