Happy Campers: Keep In Touch with the Camp Correspondence Set


My daughter is far too young for a traditional summer camp, but I know that if and when we do send her off to sleep away camp, I am going to miss her something crazy. One thing I’ll probably insist on is that she writes to me each and every day. Yes, it’s a little extreme but I would love to keep up with all her adventures. It would be, for me, the next best thing to being there.

A perfect way to outfit her, or your own little camper, for such an undertaking would be to present them with the Camp Correspondence Set by Yellow Owl Workshop. Included in the set are 10 pages of note paper, 10 “Camp Mail” envelopes (all made from recycled paper) and one “Howdy Scout” pencil.  And it all comes nicely packaged so as to impress upon them the importance of their correspondence. Just don’t forget to give them stamps, because they’ll probably look for any excuse not to follow thru, you know how those kids are.

If you’d like to stock up, you can pick up the Camp Correspondence Set here for $16.50.

Photo: Yellow Owl Workshop

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