Happy Hanukkah 2010! 4 Super Cool Dreidels and None Are Made of Clay!


If you are like me, when you hear the word Dreidel you start to sing to yourself “Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of clay…” But these four dreidels, they aren’t made of clay but rather wood, metal paper mache and glass! Check out these four super cool dreidels that can add to the Festival of lights, Hanukkah 2010!

(above) This multicolored Dreidels Set is not just colorful but has been handcarved and handpainted and is made from linden wood. And the set comes in a jute carrying bag. $19 from Wisteria here.

This Dreidel trio is from Crate and Barrel and features gorgeous painted details. The set is available right here for $8.85.

Nambe Metal Dreidel
This fancy chic dreidel is made of Nambe’s signature metal alloy—that features a silver-like luster  – and includes a handy wooden stand. $65 here.

Waterford Crystal Dreidel
This one is more of a “statement” dreidel that one that is to be played with. Neiman Marcus offers up this Waterford Crystal keepstake for $100 here.

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