Have you Ever Been to a Peony Farm?


Last week, I had the chance to visit a peony farm a couple of times! I used to be a florist, and sometimes sourced my flowers directly from flower farmers who I would visit on a weekly basis so flower farms are not new to me but there’s something special about a peony farm! The fragrance! The colors! Take a peek at a few of my snapshots from my visits, below!

  • Adelman’s Peony Farm 1 of 6

    Adelman's Peony Farm is located is Salem, Oregon. They sell cut peonies, plants, and tubers.

  • Flower Fields 2 of 6

    From this view, it looked like Italy!

  • Rows of Pink 3 of 6

    The farm grows over 250 varieties of peonies! 

  • Peony Farmers 4 of 6

    The farmers wear hats to protect from the hot sun! They snip off the dead flowers so the plants can continue producing new blooms. 

  • Yellow Peonies 5 of 6

    Yellow peonies are so rare and lovely!

  • Video 6 of 6

    Here's a little video of the flower fields!