6 Nifty Picky Eater Solutions: Fun Ways to Get Kids to Eat

At one point or another, every parent probably goes through something like this:

You toil in the kitchen, cook your kids’ favorite meal, then proudly think to yourself, “Well, dinner should be a breeze.” Which of course means that by the time dinner actually rolls around, your kids’ old favorite entree has become their new most hated dish. And they refuse to eat it.

And that’s when you pull out the big guns. Or rather, that’s when you turn to your no-fail stash of picky eater solutions.

Feeding picky eaters is all about making meals fun. But if you’re thinking your collection of secret weapons is pretty paltry, don’t worry! I know just where to stock up: Fred & Friends has a great line of nifty picky eater solutions. With products like the Food Face plate, pictured above, dinnertime will be just as fun as if the food were toys! (Bonus: The utensil-playthings are dishwasher-safe.)

Keep reading to see our top picks:

The Food Face plates are my absolute favorite. They’re versatile, they’re whimsical, and, frankly, they let you make art out of food. And instead of telling the kids to have their carrots, you’ll be able to say, “Eat Mr. Food Face’s eyebrows, dear.” ($11.99, in Mr. and Ms. versions)

Remember the days when, to get your tot to laugh and open wide, you pretended the fork was a zooming plane? With the Airfork One fork, you’ll no longer have to play games — easy peasy! ($9.99)

Yes, sometimes sitting down and eating dinner maybe seem like a lot of work — but with the right tools, you’ll be able to get the job done. Perfect for kids who love playing house and acting like grown-ups. ($11.99)

Got any Lego-lovers? Getting them to sit down with these stackable Snack and Stack utensils should be a walk in the park. In fact, I know some adults who would be quick to run to the table with these at their places, too. ($16.99 for a set of 3)

Nom nom nom — Who wants some pasta? These Pastasauruses do! And so will your kids when they realize even such mighty dinos like to slurp down some healthy carbs with all the meat. ($7.99)

I’m not saying these Chimpsticks will prompt the kids to try sushi, but when they see those cute little monkey hands reaching for what’s on the plate, they’ll definitely want in on the action. Or make it a game: Whose chimp can bring to food to safety, a.k.a. your mouth, the quickest? ($6.99)

Like what you see? Visit the Fred & Friends website for their online retailers list or store finder. Bon appetit!

Article Posted 6 years Ago
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