Hello Kitty x Doc Martens = Cuteness!


I have three words. 1) Oh. 2) My. 3) God.  What is leaving me in a state of shock? The brand new Hello Kitty Dr. Martens. Yes, you read that right. The company Sanrio has teamed up with the footwear company Dr. Marten to create a series of boots and shoes that are both totally cute and totally tough…at the same time. So what’s the deal with this collection of fabulous footwear?

The Dr. Marten x Sanrio collaboration was created to celebrate each brand’s 50th anniversary. There are five limited edition styles available utilizing Doc Marten’s trademark shapes and pairing it with Sanrio’s irresistible cuteness.  The results? An interesting marriage that somehow works.

One drawback, these are all actually just for adults. They have yet to do kid sizes. But for those of us who refuse to grow up, well, they fit.  If you want to channel your inner tough kitty, you can pick up the boots for $135 and $165 and the Mary Janes for $120. You can check out the whole line right here! And check out some of the other whimsical shoes and boots they whipped up here.

Photo: Doc Martens and Buzzfeed