Hello Verizon iPhone! Will the Sprint iPhone or T-Mobile iPhone Be Next?


AT&T was forced to loosen their mighty grip on Apple iPhone today. Starting February 10th, Verizon will start to offer the much coveted iPhone service with pre-orders starting February 3rd.  And although it’s great that AT&T won’t be the only iPhone game in town, it just means there will be two players instead of one.  But how about the other cell phone servicing companies? When will a Sprint iPhone or a T-Mobile iPhone be a reality?

Some are making guesses that a Sprint iPhone could be reality as early as the end of this year. And if Sprint get the iPhone doesn’t it make sense the other big cell phone player should be invited to the party too? Making a T-Mobile iPhone the next to come?

Do you think it’s fair that iPhone isn’t compatible with all service providers?

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