High Top Sneaker-Style Booties


When my son who turns three this month was a baby he rocked Converse Crib Sneakers. They were soft, comfy, kept his feet warm — and I really liked looking at them on his pudgy feet. Bite-size sneakers on an adorable baby! Does it get any better? Well, kinda.

How about bite-size booty sneakers on an adorable baby? One word: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So-soft, promising to keep precious tootsies warm this Fall and Winter, these Black Lace Up Booties are 100% cotton and hand-crocheted. The high top design, similar to classic Converse kicks hugs the ankle providing comfort and let’s face it, style!

Great news for anyone who’s ever lost a booty in a store and realized when the baby was strapped in the car seat: These booties are laced with real shoelaces, so they stay put on the foot, plus this detail looks really cool. Available in infant and toddler sizes.

$41, Chloeinstyle.com

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Photos via Chloeinstyle.com