High/Low: The Lighting Edition


Let’s face it, lighting can get expensive. Those high end fixtures are often worth it though, as they tend to be better-designed and with more variation in finishes. Sometimes though you have high-end taste though on a, say, not-for-profit budget. I hear you. I’ve found a couple floor lamps to fit both ends of the spectrum. Can you tell which is which?

  • Floor Lamps: Highs and Lows 1 of 5

    Here are four great options for lighting your home. Can you pick out the deals?

    Click through to see all the highs. And the lows. 

  • Library Task Lamp 2 of 5

    This traditional brass floor lamp will last through the trends, in your living room, library, or even nursery. This is the high-end version, at $320. 

    From Restoration Hardware, $320. 

  • Brass Banker Light 3 of 5

    While the low option is missing some of the nicer details (the low-profile base, the nicer finish), chances are you won't really miss them. It's still a fabulous option and you won't believe the price. 

    From Target, $40.

  • Wow, that’s a big lamp! 4 of 5

    Why yes, yes it is a big lamp. A big, green lamp that will make a wonderful statement in your space (and it also comes in white). But the price for that statement is $300. Not terrible, considering that you want a lamp like this to be sturdy enough that it doesn't fall over all the time. 

    From Land of Nod, $300.

  • Jumbo Architect Lamp 5 of 5

    Jumbo, yes. And in black, which is a nice option. You definitely want to check the construction with this one, but if it works, what a great deal. It's one third the price of the high option. 

    From Target, $100. 

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