Holiday DVD Giveaway Series: Win These 4 Blu-ray Titles!


Our next giveaway in our Holiday DVD Giveaway Series comes from Paramount Pictures, featuring a little something for everyone in the family — from new blockbuster hits to old school classics. And although this is a “DVD Giveaway Series,” all of these titles are actually on Blu-ray.

Enter to win these 4 family movie titles:

For the kids:

The popular Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender was brought to life earlier this year, making it a hit among kids of all ages. High on action and special affects (don’t worry; it’s rated PG), your kids will get lost in this magical fantasy world — especially if they’re fans of the original cartoon. The perfect kids gift this year!

For teens/adults:

Claire Danes. Michelle Pfeifer. Robert De Niro. If those three names aren’t enough, how about a small appearance by Ricky Gervais? An unexpected love story full of magic, fantasy and laughs, this movie is a great family gift.

For adults:

A little risque for the younger kids, American Beauty is a modern, Academy Award-winning classic that deserves a spot in your family movie collection.

For the family:

You’ll get the special White Christmas Anniversary Edition on Blu Ray so that the whole family can be introduced to this true holiday classic. We guarantee your family will make a tradition out of watching this movie each year.

To win this Holiday DVD (Blu Ray) Giveaway, simply leave a comment below on why you’d love to win!

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