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Deciding on a baby crib can feel like one of the biggest purchases a new parent will make. Not only does a crib set the tone and style for the entire nursery, but it's where your child will spend a large portion of his or her day. And with the vast majority of cribs now designed to convert into big-kid beds, your crib purchase could ideally last four to 10 years. Read More ↓

The most important thing to focus on is safety, which is why you should consider buying new rather than a cheaper second-hand crib. With all of the recent recalls and safety changes (drop-side cribs were banned in the U.S. in December 2010), it's best to get a crib straight from the manufacturer. If you do use a second-hand crib, make sure that the railings are fixed, the crib slats are less than 2 3/8 inches apart, and there's less than two-fingers width between the mattress and the crib.

As for the price, expensive doesn't necessarily equal "better." Yes, you'll pay more for stronger wood, unique designs, and environmentally friendly materials, but we found plenty of stylish, safe cribs for a fraction of what a designer crib costs. Read through our extensive list of baby cribs to find the style and price point that works for you. (Did we forget one? Nominate your favorite.) - Michelle Horton

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Best Cribs: GoCrib



When we first laid eyes on the GoCrib, we were taken aback by the genius, game-changing design. Finally someone had made a portable crib without heavy metal rods, a dozen different attachments, or bulky weight. A portable crib that can be carried in a backpack and then inflate in minutes? Please, oh please, let this be a safe, sturdy travel option, we pleaded.

And then we tried it.

The GoCrib comes with everything you need to quickly and easily inflate it into a sturdy and solid portable crib, and the anti-puncture materials are stronger than typical inflatable beds that come to mind. Since it isn’t made with any metal or wood, it’s easy to move from room to room – and through doorways. Then it quickly deflates for packing away.

Even without attachments like a bassinet, changing table, or sun canopy, our infant tester napped peacefully in the GoCrib. Our toddler tester also got plenty of use from the GoCrib by unzipping the sides and using it as a fort-like play area.

So whether you’re heading to Grandma’s for the night, taking a day trip to the beach, or just setting up camp in the living room, this is truly the easiest, most portable travel crib we’ve ever seen. And feel free to check out more of our favorite travel cribs for more options.

Guava Family, $249.99

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  1. Attractive baby cribs. Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful post.

  2. Margaret Felkel 2m says:

    I want to donate my crib. Raised two kid And used it for four grandkids. For research

  3. Chase Orio says:

    Do you have 2 of the same cribs? My Wife & I are expecting twin boys in July 2014. We’re seeking Black Convertible cribs for our Sons. Please let us know ASAP. Thanks a lot!

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