How Awesome is This DIY Baby Onesie?


funny baby onesie

Don’t you just love it? Made by Jodi Kahn of Simply Sublime, see how to easily make this funny onesie:

What you’ll need:

  • A plain white onesie
  • Iron on transfers for dark t-shirts
  • “Will Return” sign at any office supply store
  • 5 2/3″ eyelet or eyelet tool or pliers, found at any craft store

Once she had her supplies together, Jodi took off the hands on the clock, scanned the clock onto her computer (taking out any words in a photo editor), typed up a WILL WAKE UP AT headline, and transfered the image to the T-shirt transfer before ironing it on. Finally, she attached the red clock hands back on with her eyelet. (A reader commented that you can even use red felt for less pointy — and still effective — clock hands.)

Find the full directions at Simply Sublime.

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