How to Avoid the Yoga Pants Trap


A couple weeks ago Tim Gunn tweeted, “Is everyone I see wearing yoga pants out in public actually on her way to or from yoga class? I suspect not.” Isn’t that the truth? For some reason (I suspect the comfortable factor) yoga pants have become the garment of choice for everyday activities and nobody seems to mind. Hello middle class sweatpants.

I know I’ve been guilty a time or two quickly running into Target in workout gear and since I’m a stay-at-home mom, comfy clothes call out to me daily. But I realize I don’t want that to become a habit. I definitely feel more prepared for the day when I actually put an outfit on that doesn’t include an elastic band waist. So when the yoga pants beckon, this is what I tell myself:

“Putting on those stretchy pants will take just as much time and effort as putting on a pair of Levi’s and an easy tee.”

That’s it! I’ve found that I never regret my decision since they’re still comfortable but much better looking. And I feel a lot cuter when my husband gets home.

Do you have any other tips for avoiding the daily yoga pants trap?

image: Levis, find your Curve ID here

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