How To Get the PERFECT Top Bun, Without a Sock


Us ladies like a good, easy hair tutorial, which is why we all gravitated toward the “sock bun” in herds.

But if there’s anything we like more than quick and easy, it’s pretty. We like our makeup packaging to be pretty, our undergarments to be pretty, even our baby gear to be pretty. And an old cut-up sock? That is not pretty. At all.

Which is why this is so brilliant:

lovely little hair bun

The Lovely Little Hair Bun is a clever (and pretty! look how pretty!) hair doughnut that you wrap your hair around, exactly like the “sock bun” idea. (Confused? See a video of the Lovely Little Hair Bun in action.) It quickly creates the perfect top bun, faster than it would take to traditionally wrap and pin your hair.

And unlike a sock, the Lovely Little Hair Bun comes in three different sizes for three different size buns.

Even better? It only costs $8, and comes in three “lovely” patterns. Buy yours here.

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