How to Make Gingerbread Men in Just Minutes + a Recipe


Making gingerbread men cookies can be very time consuming…we know because we’ve done it!  So if you don’t have 2+ hours to devote solely to making gingerbread men cookies, try the gingerbread men pan.  It’s a non-stick pan made to keep things easy…no cookie cutter necessary!  Then you’ll have lots of time left over to decorate those cute little men, which is, let’s be honest, the best part of the process!

Here is where you find this fun, holiday bakeware (on sale now too!) and a gingerbread man recipe to try:

Martha Stewart for Macys – Gingerbread Man Pan – on sale now for just $19.99 (down from $29.99)

Wrap your little gingerbread man in a cello bag with pretty ribbon for a fun gift for your children’s friends.

Joy of Baking Gingerbread Man (we haven’t tried this recipe ourselves but we have GREAT luck with all the recipes on this website so we’re confident this is a keeper)

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