How to Throw an Outer Space Birthday Party


Sometimes, after the the party is over, I discover great party goods that I could’ve used.  {sigh…}  Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite pre- and post-party-finds with you; with so many party ideas at your disposal, you’ll be equipped to throw a fantastic party for your little guy or gal.  Let’s start with these:

Cool, vintage stamps that are unused; which means you can stamp your party invitations with these adorable vintage postage stamps!  Talk about “fun mail”! – $7 for enough stamps for 8 letters at Treasure Fox.

Space tee-shirts to wear to the party.

Make a garland with these vintage outer space game cards.

Buy fancy bottled drinks and slip in a polka dot straw conjuring up images of planets.

To see more images of an Outer Space Birthday Party, click here.

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