How to Tie a Sarong


Finally out on my beach vacation with my family and some friends on Shelter Island– so beautiful here and happy to be out of the city heat! Anyway, today my friend Julie, who we’re sharing a house with, had on a beautiful, and beautifully tied, sarong. I have always been sarong-challenged and so she gave me a tutorial : ) I thought I’d share what she taught me and also suggest where to buy a gorgeous one (because there are some really tacky ones out there!!!). So first of all, you need a pretty sarong because a garish one just won’t do. Matta, one of my favorite shops in NYC, sells some amazing prints online (this one left was my favorite) and they’re on sale for only $28.50. Click to see more prints and how-to…

1. Halter Dress– Hold the sarong straight out in front of you. Bring each corner diagonally behind your neck, draping snugly to your body. Tie corners behind your neck.

2. Traditional Beach Cover-up– Hold both corners out evenly to your side. Then tie and knot pieces and distribute ends so they drape gracefully at your side.

3. Skirt– Fold sarong evenly in half. Bring one corner across the front of your body to your hip bone.Wrap longer piece around your body until corners meet. Tie ends in a double knot at your hip bone. For a long, ankle length skirt, just don’t fold the sarong in half.

4. Skirt With “Bustle”– Drape sarong behind your waist and hold the two corners straight out in front of you.Gripping sarong by the corners, take one piece at a time diagonally from front to back.Tie sarong ends behind you in a double knot.

5. Tube Dress– For a tube dress, follow instructions for bustle or summer skirt, beginning with sarong draped above-chest level.