How to Travel on a Budget (10 Smart Ideas!)

10 Ways to Make Travel Happen on a Budget

If you want travel to be part of your life, more than likely you can make it happen for you and/or your family. It’s so easy to think of reasons why you can’t get away but it might be more possible than what you think. Consider exchanging homes with another family, subletting your house for a few weeks, or traveling in the off-season! More ideas, after the jump!

  • Rent an Apartment 1 of 10
    Rent an Apartment
    It is so much cheaper to rent an apartment than to stay in a hotel. You can usually get cheaper rates for staying longer, too! It also enables you to save on food. Instead of spending a fortune eating out, you can cook at home in the kitchen. Not only is it cheaper, it's often a more authentic way to experience the culture and the food. Airbnb or Enroute are both great soures to find apartments.
    $82 a night through Airbnb .
  • House Exchange 2 of 10
    House Exchange
    Lodging is usually one of the most expensive parts of traveling. If a hotel or an apartment both seem out of the question, consider exchanging homes with someone! You'll pay a fee to list your home but after that it's free and it's a great way to see places you may have never thought about traveling to.
    More info at Home Exchange .
  • Rent out Your Home 3 of 10
    Rent out Your Home
    Cover your rent/mortgage while you are away by listing your home on Aribnb or subletting it! Freeing up a little room in your budget will make travel much more doable!
    More info at Airbnb .
  • Bring Less! 4 of 10
    Bring Less!
    These days the airlines make you pay for everything, including extra bags. Save money on fees by just bringing a backpack or one suitcase. Your trip will be much more pleasant too, as you'll have less stuff to haul around.
    $99 at REI.
  • Frequent Flyer Miles 5 of 10
    Frequent Flyer Miles
    A friend of mine practically went to Iceland for free because she had so many air miles from a credit card. Consider signing up for a plan that lets you earn mileage through shopping or previous trips.
    More info at Alaska Airlines.
  • Go in the Off-Season 6 of 10
    Go in the Off-Season
    I've scored some great deals traveling in the off-season. This photo was taken in Greece in October. The weather wasn't entirely reliable, but there were definitely a lot of warm, sunny days and I still had fun. It was great to have fewer tourists there and our apartment was much cheaper than normal.
    Photo by Chelsea Fuss.
  • Stay Put 7 of 10
    Stay Put
    Choose one place to go and stay there. It's so much cheaper than traveling to a bunch of cities in a few weeks. Plus, it lets you experience daily life instead of just the tourist parts.
    Photo by Chelsea Fuss.
  • Bring Work WIth You 8 of 10
    Bring Work WIth You
    While it's not realistic for every job, you'd be surprised at how possible this is. My brother and father had always dreamed of hiking the Appalachian Trail so my brother asked his high school counselor if he could make a senior project of the hike for credit. My dad was able to work remotely for a while because he asked if he could. If you are a freelancer, consider creating or seeking out a project for the place you'd like to travel to.
    Photo by Chelsea Fuss.
  • Take Public Transportation 9 of 10
    Take Public Transportation
    If you don't have to rent a car and don't take taxies, transportation is significantly cheaper. Go by bus, train, subway, bike share, or your own two feet!
    Photo by Chelsea Fuss.
  • If you Can’t go, Adopt the Mindset 10 of 10
    If you Can't go, Adopt the Mindset
    If travel just can't happen for you right now due to budget, life circumstances, work or something else, consider exploring your own backyard. A lot of the appealing part about traveling is the mindset. Travelers are curious, always up for adventure, and seeking out cool stuff. Try to be a tourist in your own town by exploring new sites, new food, and new areas of town. I've discovered amazing things (literally in my own backyard) by adopting this mindset!
    Photo by Chelsea Fuss.

Top photo: Chelsea Fuss. All other photos from respective sources.

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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