HP TouchPad: Will it Outshine the Apple iPad?


HP unveiled their new HP TouchPad today in an attempt to rival Apple’s iPad. When comparing the two similar tablet products, let’s get two of the questions that are on many parents’ minds out of the way first:

1) Will my kids be able to play Angry Birds on it?

Yes they will! Rumors are that the game made popular by iPhones will in fact be compatible with the new TouchPad, so you’ll still have that trusty way to entertain your kids while you’re in the car, store, etc. (And we know you like to play too!)

2.) Will the TouchPad be less expensive than the iPad?

Unfortunately, it looks like you won’t get any significant kind of price cut by going with the new TouchPad, at least none that HP has announced yet.  Of course, that’s good news if you prefer the iPad and don’t want to feel guilty about ignoring possible savings.

As far as the other details about the HP TouchPad, opinions seem to differ. Some are praising its sleek design. Others are complaining that it runs too slow at times. Of course, with every piece of new technology, there are pros and cons.

Check out the HP TouchPad, and decide for yourself.

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