Human Hair Necklaces Make Me Gag


human hair necklaces


Hack. Hack. Excuse me, I’m just choking on my gag reflex.

The human hair necklace, or as I like to call it: Chest Hair Made Pretty, is made by artist Kerry Howley who wants to “make discarded hair attractive again.” Ok, but, really? An entire head of hair is attractive. An individual piece of someone else’s hair in your sandwich, on the floor, on your clothes? Never attractive. Individual pieces of someone else’s hair on your chest?

Take a look at more of these human hair necklaces and to read the counter-argument:

  • image-45 1 of 4
  • image-46 2 of 4
  • image-47 3 of 4
  • hair06 4 of 4

Do the pictures make you itchy and uncomfortable? Or do you see these human hair necklaces as being the same as wearing fur or feathers?

[via CafeMom]

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