Hurricane Earl Style and Storm Watch


If you haven’t heard, our gorgeous summer that broke all the heat waves is being wonderfully capped off by a smattering of hurricanes that will see the East coast and some Caribbean islands stormed and raided. But where would our hurricane tracking reports here at Family Style be without some equally fierce style tracking that will hopefully keep your dry no matter which part of the country you’re in.

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Since there’s nothing worse than wearing a heavy raincoat in summer (even if it almost over), a new company has devised an ingenious idea to keep us in “clear” when it comes to all these hurricane watches. The new rain ponchos from BRELLIwear are the perfect transitions during seasonal mashups. Not only are they cute, they will keep you looking light, hip and won’t hide that adorable outfit you spent months searching for. Not only that, the kid’s version is only $22, is 100 percent biodegradable when you tire of it (not that you ever will), and come with special markers that allow tots to customize a look that won’t wash off in the rain, but will come off once they’re ready for a new design.

Oh, and they’ve even got amazingly chic umbrellas for moms and kids to ward of Hurricane Earl 2010 and other style disasters.

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