"I Can Do It" Socks


It’s a simple idea, adding two loops to a pair of socks, but it’s a brilliant one. Here’s the story of EZ Sox:

Like many young children, our son struggled with getting dressed in the morning. Putting on socks was extremely challenging. One day while patiently watching him get dressed, we came up with the idea to sew two little loops on the top of his socks. After sewing on the loops, we put a little animal face on the top so he knew which way was up. He immediately pulled on his socks! It’s an amazing feeling to see that magical “A-ha!” moment when your child gets it. He yelled, “I can do it!”

Smart, right?

The socks are sold in sets of 2 with cute animals on them for $10, but there are also solid colors available for bigger kids. There are solid color sets available for adults, too, which would be great for someone with limited mobility or difficulty grasping. Find them all at

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