I Crown You Little Miss Universe 2010. Kid Inspired Looks.


I’m not big on pageants, spray-tanning toddlers or anything that smacks of stage-mothering, but there’s something I love about Miss Universe pageant. Maybe it’s from my days as a kid watching the show with my Mom, but I’ve always admired the idea of all these countries coming together in the name of celebrating beauty (at least we can all agree on something). The Miss Universe Contestants, the grandstanding, those evening gowns, and the silly Q and A like last night’s Miss Philippines answer. And the final crowning and waving of the Miss Universe winner.

That said, playing dress up doesn’t mean going into cheesy, tacky land. In fact, there are a million cool and hip ways we can all earn our crown and celebrate our inner Miss Universe.

Click through for cute and hip Miss Universe inspired looks…

Atsuyo et Akiko Pink Headband

Atsuyo et Akiko Tutu

Mini and Maximus Feather Crown Tee

Wovenplay Jacket

Images: Woven Play, Atsuyo et Akiko, Mini and Maximus

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