I Die! The Rachel Zoe Guide to Kid Fashion


The new season of Rachel Zoe has just begun and like so many fashion junkies, I will be tuning in regularly to watch the shenanigans and couture craziness. I mean with Taylor leaving and all under such questionable circumstances, the drama has just begun.

Still, Rachel Zoe has her share of detractors. But like her or not, this woman knows fashion. There’s also been a lot of talk of when she’s planning to finally have kids, and to that I say “Leave her alone.” In the spirit of hypotheticals, it got me thinking. What would Rachel dress her kids in if she had any? Here’s a list of some of the best fall designer wear for mini Rachel Zoes in training.

Click through for amazing fall kids designer collections…

Little Marc Fall 2010

Chloe Fall 2010/11 Kids Collection

Photos: Van Ham/Bravo, Little Marc, Chloe, Rache Zoe Taylor

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