I Need My Popsicles Faster, Do You?


Really, who wouldn’t like a popsicle-on-demand? I’ve been very vocal about my deep love of popsicles. I eat one almost every night. I prefer a homemade popsicle, a mash of fruit and pulp with less added sugar, but lots of frosty, refreshing goodness. Of course, I don’t always remember to get to freezing 12 hours in advance, and often end up with some sort of grocery store, character-themed sugar bomb as my goodnight snack. This machine makes popsicles in EIGHT MINUTES. I just tried it out tonight. Let me tell you all about it after the jump…

Meet the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. You can find it online at Giggle. Giggle sent one over to Scarlet and I, and we tore the box open, eager to get started. Pause, we had to freeze the unit for 24 hours first, much like an ice cream maker. So we did that. Cut to today, we rushed home from school singing “POPsicles, POPsicles” in the car. We dashed into the house and immediately sliced up a mini watermelon. We tossed it in the blender with a tablespoon of lime juice and juiced it up. Then I read the Quick Pop Maker directions – easy as pie. We loaded the provided popsicle sticks into the quick pop maker, then poured the watermelon mixture up to the fill line of each of the three popsicle-shaped holes. Then we watched as they started to freeze instantly. I timed it, it was eight minutes to perfectly frozen popsicles. I used the provided screw to pop the popsicles out, then loaded in three more. We stopped at six, then woolfed down our dinner so we earned ourselves some dessert. We ate them with abandon. And the best part, really, is that my three year old found it just as rewarding as any ice cream dessert, and it was straight up no-sugar-added fruit. Love that. Love this machine. A lovely summer treat. Like a crafty toy and a diet-enhancer all in one. So I say, splurge on a Quick Pop Maker. And look at all the fun things you can do with it, since it freezes so quickly:

I also love Cucumber Popsicles, find a recipe here. I can’t wait till my plants start giving up cukes! Tomorrow I may try a yogurt & herb version – maybe with honey & lavender? Oh geez, I love this thing.