I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Zoku Pops!


I’ve been hearing about Zoku Pops from all the coolest people I know. Why all the buzz? They freeze in 15 minutes! That’s right. No having to wait overnight to enjoy your delicious homemade concoctions. But even more fun? Because they freeze so fast, you can make all sorts of neat designs with them. I want to try this rainbow recipe.

Does anyone else have memories of trying to make ice cube tray popsicles with orange juice, toothpicks and plastic wrap? I remember checking the freezer every few minutes hoping to see progress — it took forever for those ice cubes to freeze!

Making Zoku Pops would be such a fun thing to do to mark the end of summer. I wonder if you can find them on sale now that popsicle season is winding down?