Idiot With a Tripod: Something to Watch Snowed in With the Family (VIDEO)


Us New Yorkers recently got winter dumped over our heads in a few swift hours, leaving families all over the tri-state area bundled together in their homes, watching the snow peek in through the windows and barricade the doors.

And you know what? I kind of loved it. I did.

Knowing that everyone was warm and safe and dry, giving us a reason to snuggle and bake cookies; to unplug and build blocks. But while all of us were busy enjoying what was going on inside of the house (ignoring the fact that we’d soon have to clean off the cars blanketed in snow), Jamie Stuart was more interested in what was going on outside.

On December 26, Stewart documented the blizzard outside in Astoria, Queens, in a short movie called Idiot With a Tripod. And now Robert Ebert is saying that it should be an Academy Award contender. See why, below:

As disruptive and dangerous as snowy weather can be, there’s something cozy and warm about it too. Something that makes you want to congregate the kids, wrap everyone in a giant quilt and watch old movies. Or innovative indie films like Idiot With a Tripod.