If You Dream It, Tegu Will Build It


Tegu Blocks Photo

I don’t want to make a fuss. Ok, take that back, because I do. I really, really can’t help gushing about Tegu, a company so genius that they have reinvented the sliced-bread equivalent of the toy industry — BLOCKS. By putting small magnets into gorgeous sustainably-made wooden blocks, Tegu has done the impossible, they have imagined the unimaginable and are bringing these blocks to every block around the country.

Of course, with a company so forward and inventive, they couldn’t just stop there. Noooo! Tegu has introduced a new concept called Tegu Live (launching today at 1pm ET). How does it work? Just tweet @tegu or facebook the Master Tegu Builder, and he will literally create anything you ask him to and then share the results in a live video stream.

It’s all live and happening here…

Tegu Live Site Photo

Being that Tegu blocks are the only gift for my son I would spend big money on (seriously, I want to buy stock in this company), I was so excited to learn about the Tegu Live launch. I immediately racked my brain for my first request for the master builder and came up with a child’s chair. Let’s see if this builder can do that!? Ok, I know, I could have picked something even more complicated, like a flying elephant or a 10-horse carousel, but this was my first request so I wanted to keep it simple.

Tegu Live Block Photos

Here’s my son playing with his Tegu blocks. And there’s a special secret here. Do you see the colored blocks? We were the first to get the preview of the new tints, which will be out officially on November 15 at

Tegu Blocks Photo

But don’t wait! TeguLive is only available November 10, 2010 through December 25, 2010. So tart tweeting your requests, order your blocks now and start an amazing journey of the imagination that will take your kids and you anywhere they want to go, and you won’t even need batteries to get there.

>>Check back today to find out my update on what actually happened with the master builder and a photo of my child’s chair!

Photo: Thank you to Anna Mafster, a professional child photographer based in Brooklyn, NY, for this amazing preview of our photo session with my son. Visit her website at A Portrait for Life to see all her amazing work!

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