Inset Sleeve Tees are Perfect for Fall!


My son and I are just in from some Back-to-Pre-School shopping. Of course we stopped at Old Navy to score some jeans via their mega jean sale. We got two pair! And camo pants…and navy blue cargo pants.

After making a pit-stop in the food court for some lunch, we hit up Gymboree. I love this store! It reminds me of when JD was a baby (a baby!) and went to Gymboree class. It was there he said, “Bubble” (when he saw a bubble) clear as day and I thought, my kid is an awesome genius!

Gymboree had tons of great inset sleeve tees perfect for Fall days at school and on the playground. After the jump, peek the tees I bought! (and, whoa, check out the $10 deals!)

Tie Double Sleeve Tee, $10 This 100% cotton jersey has inset sleeves for a warm, layered look. The pocket features an appliqued skull and lightening bolt, while a striped tie tones down the funk, adding a splash of preppy pep!

Bandana Sheriff Double Sleeve Tee, $10 Distressed screen-print features a swooping bandana design around the neck and a sheriff’s star on the chest pocket. Thermal inset waffle sleeves keep him comfy and warm.

King of the Playground, $16.50 Bold knit applique bubble letter phrasing and yellow crown pop on dark blue stripes and all-over baby blue tee. White inset sleeves make this top casual and a perfect match with track pants.

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