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We’ve been talking about having another baby sometime soon, and while my husband would like us to have another bedroom first, I firmly believe they should share a room in the beginning. There’s something about living in a shared space that really bonds two (or more) young siblings — staying up late whispering secrets, giggling, creating shared forts. Do you agree?

If your kids are (or will be) sharing a room, take a look at these inspiring examples of shared kids rooms:

  • 1. Beachy + Breezy 1 of 17
    1. Beachy + Breezy
    For those with a big attic space, this beach-house-inspired idea is perfect for multiple kids.
  • 2. Ultimate Bunk Beds 2 of 17
    2. Ultimate Bunk Beds
    Two sets of bunk beds built into the walls maximize space, and the different colors add a personalized (and eye-catching!) touch.
  • 3. Floating Beds 3 of 17
    3. Floating Beds
    This handmade project is absolutely genius.
  • 4. Built-In Beds 4 of 17
    4. Built-In Beds
    Another example of building bunk beds into walls.
  • 5. Two in a Closet 5 of 17
    5. Two in a Closet
    Our own brilliant blogger, Jordan, had her two young boys share an itty bitty space back when she was living in the States.
  • 6. Three in a Row 6 of 17
    6. Three in a Row
    If you have the space, this room uses repetitive, consistent elements that are easy to recreate in your own home.
  • 7. Cozy Up! 7 of 17
    7. Cozy Up!
    Even if you don't have the square footage, this tiny room is a cozy space for three siblings.
  • 8. Shared Baby Room 8 of 17
    8. Shared Baby Room
    A beautiful idea for twin babies.
  • 9. Bunk Beds Made Modern 9 of 17
    9. Bunk Beds Made Modern
    A sleek, futuristic version of the traditional bunk beds -- stacked three children high! And instead of a ladder, they added rock-climbing foot ledges.
  • 10. Separate but Equal 10 of 17
    10. Separate but Equal
    If your little ones want their own space, this is a perfect compromise.
  • 11. Big Kid + Little Sibling 11 of 17
    11. Big Kid + Little Sibling
    A perfect example of how a big kid bed can peacefully coexist with a crib.
  • 12. Silly Space 12 of 17
    12. Silly Space
    Can't you just picture these two staying up all night giggling?
  • 13. Sleek + Modern 13 of 17
    13. Sleek + Modern
    Designed by Sixx Design's Robert and Courtney Novogratz.
  • 14. Stay On Your Color 14 of 17
    14. Stay On Your Color
    This room uses color to divide up the living space.
  • 15. To Each Their Own 15 of 17
    15. To Each Their Own
    An example of giving kids their own personal space in the shared room.
  • 16. Coolest Bunkbed Ever 16 of 17
    16. Coolest Bunkbed Ever
  • 17. Your Side vs. My Side 17 of 17
    17. Your Side vs. My Side
    So much more appealing than running a line of tape down the middle.

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His and Hers: My son and daughter share a bedroom

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