Instant Spring: 6 Gardening + Floral Ideas for January!


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I like to make my house as spring-like as possible during the winter, no matter what’s going on outside! Especially after Christmas, once all the decorations have come down and the house is a little bare. It’s time for color, fragrance, and flowers! Doing a little indoor gardening can really be therapeutic too! You might be surprised at the beautiful flowers and plants that are available to you during a dark January. Greenhouses are full of spring bulbs and plants right now and if you have a sunny window, you can plant some seeds. Take a look at some of my favorite ideas, below!

  • Force Bulbs! 1 of 6
    Force Bulbs!
    Even those who claim they don't have a green thumb will be able to force bulbs! It's super easy. Try your hand at hyacinth or paperwhite bulbs. You just need the bulbs, a flower pot, gravel, and some water! Photo by Chelsea Fuss.
    Full Instructions at Martha Stewart
  • Grow Microgreens 2 of 6
    Grow Microgreens
    I saw this idea over at Martha Stewart and thought it was brilliant1 Microgreens are so easy to grow! You know when you start seeds indoors, well, you just harvest these early! The article provides the timelines and which seeds work best. The microgreens are packed with flavor and will be delicious added to egg dishes, salads and crepes! You just need a sunny window, an empty egg carton or container, some potting soil and a pack of seeds. Photo by Jen Causey.
    Full Instructions at Martha Stewart
  • Flower Arranging 3 of 6
    Flower Arranging
    Though the flower stalls are a bit slim for bright and fragrant flora right now, there are several types of spring flowers that are grown in greenhouses this time of year and readily available. My favorites are anemones, hyacinths, and ranunculus. If you can't find them at your favorite flower stand, ask the florist to order them for you! Trader Joe's is always a great place to find inexpensive flowers! Photo and arrangement by Chelsea Fuss.
  • Primroses 4 of 6
    Primroses are bright and colorful bedding plants that love the cold. You'll find them at grocery stores and plant nurseries during January and February. Pansies are also another cold weather favorite. Photo by Chelsea Fuss.
  • Forced Daffodils 5 of 6
    Forced Daffodils
    Force daffodil bulbs, or track down the plants. The little mini daffodils are readily available this time of year at grocery stores and florists. It will add a bit of spring to your home for less than $3! Photo by Chelsea Fuss.
  • Force Fruit Branches 6 of 6
    Force Fruit Branches
    Clip off dormant fruit branches (the trees need pruning this time of year anyways!) and bring them inside to force early blooms.
    Full Instructions at Martha Stewart

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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