Introducing: The DIY Friendship Jacket


When I was in school, my friends and I exchanged friendship bracelets and necklaces–you know, the two halves of a heart that we would each wear (often engraved with “BFF”) to show the world that we were each other’s best friends. A few years ago, four very popular actresses made the friendship jeans popular in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, passing along one pair of denim pants throughout the world, and adding their own personal touch with markers and patches.

While the whole one pair of pants for a group of friends may not be totally feasible, we may have found the next best thing. The Mia MY jacket is a cute white trench that comes with its own set of markers–your daughter and her friends can go to town personalizing each other’s coats, signing their names, drawing pictures, and getting as creative as they want to be.

You can also purchase iron-on patches; friends can collect them, give them to each other, or just pick ones that suit their own personalities. The jacket is the perfect way for your girls to express themselves and bond with their friends–you could even have a jacket-decorating party! And the best part? If your daughter tires of her original design–or just wants to try something new–you can just pop the jacket in the wash and have a blank slate in no time.

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