iPad 2 Announcement: Thinner, Faster, Better for You & Your Family


The moment so many have been looking forward to is finally here: Apple announced just this afternoon that the iPad 2 will be shipping out on March 11th! Apple’s catchphrase about the iPad 2: “Thinner. Faster. FaceTime. Smart Covers. 10-hour Battery.” If these new features are true, it’s time for iPad loving parents to rejoice!

If you already have an iPad, this might be just the upgrade you need, or even if you’re happy with original, getting a second iPad couldn’t hurt (one for you to get your work done, one to help keep the kids entertained). Or maybe you’re one of the parents who have been holding out to join the craze until the iPad 2 was released.

Either way, we found some of the best iPad products and apps to help prepare for the arrival of the iPad 2:

– These are the most unique, weirdest, and funniest iPad cases around (Really? A maxi pad iPad case? Who thinks of these things?), and we also found some more professional cases that are good for the office as well.

– Do you use your iPad to entertain your kids (don’t worry, we all do it)? Here are some of the best iPad apps for kids — hey, some of them are even educational!

Will you get the new iPad 2 for your family? What iPad products are your favorite?