iPad 2 Release Date: More FaceTime For You And Your Family


Are you looking to find out when the iPad 2 release date will be? The newest version of the iPad tablet, the iPad 2, is expected to be launched on March 11. It will have more FaceTime for you to connect with family, friends and it will be Thinner, Lighter with a Smart Cover.  The new iPad 2 has a dual-core A5 processor with twice the CPU power, nine times the graphic performance, and it keeps the 10-hour battery life.

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The New iPad 2 will go on sale March 11 in the United Sates for $499 for 16GB and $599 for 32GB model. The Apple website claims the iPad 2 is 33% thinner, 15% lighter, and has smart covers. It will be March 25 for the worldwide release (including 26 countries).

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