It's A Bib! It's A Shirt! It's Both


Even though my son is 3, I still slip a bib on him from time to time — to spaghetti and meatball night — you know what I mean, Moms. Well, I’ve seen my fair share of cool bibs with bright graphics and silly sayings like “Tax Deduction” and “Chick Magnet,” but this is the first time I’m seeing a bib-shirt — and loving it!

What’s a bib-shirt, you ask? Keep reading, I’ll show & tell! This 100% cotton bib is double-layer jersey knit fabric and super-absorbent. The vibrant color combo, with contrasting embroidered graphics is engaging and cool. The roomy surface area promises to sop up spills, while the padded trim and Velcro closure is one-size-fits-all and so comfy! Check out these disposable bibs from Dwell Studio. One Word: AWESOME.


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