J.Crew's Infamous Bubble Necklace For Way (Way) Less!


Perhaps you’ve seen the ubiquitous J.Crew bubble necklace around town and have been filled with such undeniable lust, only to get home, pull it up on the website (or even worse, head into the store and spot it in person) only to gasp in alarm at the price. $150.00! That’s not chump change! But rather than save your pennies for months or carve it out of the grocery budget (come on, we’ve all done it), I’ve found you a more than acceptable budget friendly option. You’re not going to believe how perfect it is (and it’s only $39.00!).

Find out where after the jump!

You would be forgiven for thinking this is the exact same necklace, but it’s not! And right now, if you buy two (come on, we all need two), you’ll get your third free.

Where can you find this insane budget steal? Bubbly Yours.

Now go forth and bubble!

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