Jeggings for the Maternity Set. Yay or Nay?


Paige Premium Dehim Maternity JeggingsIt was bound to happen. The maternity jeggings have landed. Yes, I know the jeggings fad is right up there with the new denim pampers and neon colored tees on the “thank you, but I’ll have to pass” list. But if we can’t allow ourselves the indulgence of being tragically hip while we’re pregnant, when can we? After all, you’re buying for 6 months, not a lifetime. I mean it’s not supposed to be an investment purchase or anything, unless of course you’re into the whole Octo/Digger family thing.

Either way, jeggings have their time and place, especially when you’re looking for comfort, stretch and style. Paige Premium Denim heard the call of the wild- with-child fashionista and answered by creating a maternity version of their bestselling pair.

Preggers celebs (think Isla Fisher) are already jumping on this jegging bandwagon and showing off for the babyrazzi. And for all their sex appeal, the Paige Premium Union Jeggings are also constructed to fit and flatter, with comfortable elastic sides and amazing support for when you want to let it all hang out but look like it’s all reigned in.

And if even you’re bypassing the jeggings trend altogether, do share: what is your go-to maternity denim?

Photo: Paige Premium Denim