Jonathan Adler Now Makes Stuffed Toys (at a Price)


stylish stuffed animals


For parents with a modern, high-design aesthetic, there’s never been a better time to be a parent. You’re not limited to licensed cartoon characters and an explosion of pink and blue, such as the days of yore.

Now we have artistic designs. Gender-neutral patterns. Big name designers working their magic for the kid section.

Now we have Jonathan Adler designing stuffed animals.

Brand new to Jonathan Adler Junior (which also features wallpaper, canvas toy storage bins, and baby blankets), the much-loved designer is now making stuffed toys.

Each canvas toy — some of which features beautiful embroidery — comes with its own matching accessory (i.e. the owl’s calculator). And, conveniently, there’s a small pocket on each toy for the little accessory. They’re bit pricey — $48 to $68 each — so they might be better living on a nursery shelf than in a baby’s mouth.

jonathan adler stuffed animals

And speaking of pricey, the new Jonathan Adler Junior crocheted animals (the owl and elephant, above) cost a whopping $248 to $348! (!!!!!!!)

What do you think? Would you ever spend over $50 (or over $300!) on a stuffed baby toy? Or is Jonathan Adler worth it?

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